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At CrestCore Realty, we believe that everyone's future can improve with planning and hard work.


As a market-leading real estate firm, our desire is to partner with people who are intentionally seeking to create a better future for themselves through residential rental property (our partners include investors, agents, renters/residents, colleagues, and contractors).


In order for all of our partners to achieve their dreams, we are dedicated to helping residential real estate investors.  Specifically, we have two primary ways of serving our investor clients.


         1. REPRESENTING BUYERS AND SELLERS in rental home transactions


         2. MANAGING RENTAL HOUSES on behalf of owners


These are our main priorities and we are extremely passionate about them.  They are why we get up early and why we stay up late.  


So if you are looking to BUY or SELL an investment property, RENT a house, or have someone MANAGE rental property on your behalf, you have come to the right place.  We want to help you create your better future today!


Licensed in Tennessee (#262278), Mississippi (#20697), and Arkansas (PB#75123), our company is a full-service real estate brokerage and property management company for residential buy, hold, and grow investors.

We specialize in BUYING, SELLING, RENTING, and MANAGING residential investment properties for investors in the greater Mid-South area (including Shelby and Tipton Counties in TN, DeSoto County in north Mississippi, and Crittenden and Pulaski Counties in Arkansas).  

Our business is all about making people's lives better.  How can we help you?


Please see the Our Story and Our Principles pages of our website to learn more about us.




As of Monday, August 10, 2015, we have assisted our buyers in purchasing 250 houses in 2015 (approximately $13.8 million) and have an additional 21 houses under contract for our investor clients.


In 2014, we purchased 393 properties for our investors (approximately $19.4 million).  The largest transaction was a $4.6 million deal for 116 properties (totaling 138 units), which closed in July 2014.


In 2013, we purchased 127 properties for our investors.  The largest purchase transaction was 24 properties for a single investor. 


In 2012, we purchased over 175 properties for our investor clients with the largest individual transaction being 100 properties for a single investor.


Our principals have represented investors in over 900 property purchases, all of which are still under our management.  Additionally, our other licensed agents have represented property buyers (and sellers) in hundreds of real estate transactions.


We are experts at buying real estate and would love to help you build your portfolio.




Please see our For Rent and For Prospective Tenants sections for more specific rental information.




As of Monday, August 10, 2015 , we manage 2,089 residential units for 263 different owners.  Over 1,900 of the units are single family homes and duplexes.  The balance consists of several small multifamily apartment complexes.


1,915 - Single Family homes and duplexes
174 - Multifamily apartment units (11 properties)
2,089 - Total Units
263 - Owners


Our unit count by County/State is as follows.


4 - Crittenden County, AR
30 - Pulaski County, AR
35 - DeSoto County, MS
5 - Hinds County, MS
1,898 - Shelby County, TN
117 - Tipton County, TN
Our firm has 25 licensed real estate agents and a strong support staff, including full-time maintenance associates and independent contractors, that take great care of all our tenants, properties, and owners.  All 25 of our agents are REALTORS and abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.

We are an equal housing opportunity advocate and an active member of the Memphis Area Association of REALTORS, the Eastern Arkanas REALTOR Association, and the Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS.


If we can be of assistance in your renting, buying, or managing needs, please contact us today.  (We also sell properties for investors and have an extensive network of real estate contacts for buying, selling, managing, financing, insuring, advising, etc.  We are happy to help you however we can.)


Tenants, please see the For Rent and For Prospective Tenants pages of our site.

Owners, please see the For Owners page of our site.