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Our Story


At CrestCore Realty LLC (CCR), Your Home is Our Passion, which means our main purpose is to partner with real estate owners (as well as our tenants, vendors, and colleagues) to help them achieve their goals.


Our company was started by two real estate investors who not only wanted their personal rental properties managed professionally, but also wanted a real estate brokerage and property management company that would truly partner with them as they made more investments.


After independently buying and managing their own rentals for close to 10 years, our principals realized that adding courteous and professional staff to their management team would help them better manage their properties as well as better serve their tenants.  As a result, our founders recruited a few of their family members and close friends as clients to help offset the costs of adding more professional staff to their ranks.  These "partners" were all determined to keep their standards high (see Our Principles) while aggressively growing their personal portfolios and helping other investors do the same.  It worked so well that CCR has quickly become one of the largest and most respected investor-oriented real estate brokerage and property management companies in its markets.


Our financial reward comes from the cash flow we earn from our own rental houses, not from nickel and diming our investor clients.


We are not in business to overcharge or underserve our clients (or our tenants).  Instead we want our clients to build long-term wealth through their investment properties, which is exactly what we are doing ourselves.


We know how investors think because we are real estate investors first and foremost.  Our leadership team has been buying and managing their own properties for almost 15 years (they started with one property back in 2001 and today have several hundred) and they intend to own and continue to build their personal portfolios for at least 50 more years (hopefully, growing to 1,000's of properties in many different cities).  CCR will be the real estate brokerage and property management company to make that goal happen.


At CCR, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients.


We use the exact same processes and people to buy properties and manage our own portfolios that we use to buy and manage all of our investors' properties.  We do not distinguish between our investments and those of our clients, which means we treat everyone's houses (and tenants) the same way we treat our own.  Our investors (and tenants) get A+ service from us because that is exactly what we want for ourselves.  We are highly motivated to be the best real estate brokerage and property management company we can be because our long term financial future depends on it.


Every day, we are working to improve our business so that our current clients can grow their portfolios and have their properties managed more effectively.


Since we are experts at buying, managing, selling, and advising, we have helped many investors get started in the business.  We have even assisted several owners in liquidating their entire portfolios.  (All of our clients are available for reference.)


If you like our story, you will really enjoy working with us.


One our favorite sayings is the following old African proverb.


  If you want to go fast, go alone.
  If you want to go far, go together.


We plan to go a very long way and would like to partner with you if you want to go far, too.